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Bible and Inspirational Shareware for Microsoft Windows

Here are some of the best Bible study software programs that you will find on the Internet.
Bible Crossword Challenge
Challenging crossword puzzle game with Bible clues to solve
Bible Lesson Record Book
Primarily used by Sunday School teachers who need a quick reference history of each student's knowledge of the Bible as they graduate from one Bible class grade level to the next.
Feed My Sheep
And you thought the life of a shepherd was easy!  Delightful, colorful Bible word game for the entire family similar to Wheel-of-Fortune and Hangman.
A colorful screen saver that displays random inspirational Bible verses. Choose from KJV, NAS and NIV.
Gospel Parallels
Side by side New Testament. View the books of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John in parallel format.
inWord Bible
An easy to use, yet powerful electronic Bible software tool for reading and studying the Bible.
King James Dictionary
A handy dictionary of difficult Bible words found in the King James translation.
Scripture Challenge
A challenging Bible question and answer game, containing over 3200 questions.
Scripture Scholar
Create your own Bible quizzes - in both printed and on-screen (interactive) formats.
What the Bible Says About...
A topical Bible that reveals God's truth concerning hundreds of subjects.  From Abortion to Zeal.  Learn what the Bible says regarding everything under the sun. 
Words From The Past
Interactive word study tool and quiz that tests your knowledge of the unique words found in the King James translation.

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